The Ogre Inside

The Ogre Inside

Artist: Porn

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Format: CD
Rel. Date: 12/01/2017
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2017 release. Porn are back with their third album The Ogre Inside. After the release of their second album in 2011, a remixes and cover album in 2015, the French gothic metal / industrial rock band returns. Six years have passed since the release of the previous album, but Philippe Deschemin, the leader of the controversial combo, did not just sit around. He published a SyFy novel Contoyen (including the concept of The Ogre Inside), two short-stories, has released an album with his gothic-rock-indus-metal side project An Erotic End Of Times this very year, and now Porn is ready to rock on again. From the '90s industrial rock sound of "Sunset Of Cruelty" to the gothic metal atmosphere of "The Ogre Inside" or "You Will Be The Death Of Me", this album takes you on an inner journey to the darkest corners of your mind. Porn invites you to fight the beast, your very own monster, the Ogre that will devour you. Enjoy Porn, facing your most wicked desires. The album is scattered with voice samples of Aleister Crowley, The Great Beast. The band is turning his words "love is the law, love under will" into Porn is the law, Porn under will.