1982 [LP]

1982 [LP]

Artist: Liima

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Rel. Date: 11/03/2017
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1. 1982
2. David Copperfield
3. Life Is Dangerous
4. People Like You
5. 2-Hearted
6. Kirby's Dream Land
7. Jonathan, I Can't Tell You
8. My Mind Is Yours

More Info:

LIIMA was born as much of breaking old habits as building new ones, and their second album, 1982 (co-produced with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear), provides a masterclass in pushing beyond comfort zones. 1982 was written during four residencies, beginning in January, 2016 at The London Edition. They reassembled at another hotel in Copenhagen before embarking upon tours of North and South America. They d reconvene between trips to continue work, first in a music conservatory in Viseu, Portugal and then finally in August at Berlin s Michelberger Hotel. By the time they gathered in Mankku Studios in Porvoo in the Finnish countryside LIIMA were more than ready to begin recording with Chris Taylor as co-producer. 1982 finds LIIMA - musically and lyrically exploring themes that shaped their youth while looking forward to a future which is as uncertain as it ever might have been Here the musicians stake their claim firmly to both their new name and their new sound. For a band originally founded upon enthusiastic acts of spontaneity, 1982 represents a huge, sophisticated leap forward. The decision to form LIIMA was as bold as their new sound, and the results speak for themselves.