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But what do you call the follow-up to a record which was described by Q magazine as "A very impressive, ambitious debut," but has also seen its creators overcome personal hardships, learn valuable life lessons, and gain a sense of perspective? Knowing what the band knows now, it could only be called ‘KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW'. The presence of the legendary producer GIL NORTON (Foo Fighters, Pixies) at the helm ensures that this is the MARMOZETS' most ambitious and accomplished offering to date.
"The second ‘those words' came up in a conversation I said, ‘That would make a brilliant album title'," recalls rhythm guitarist Sam MacIntyre. His sister, vocalist Becca MacIntyre (who Noisey describe as ‘an amazing fronthuman'), became so enthusiastic about the phrase that she took to covertly dropping it into her answers to journalists that remained unaware of the scoop being waved under their noses ("It perfectly summed everything we'd be through up," she says).
Doing their own things, Sam explains, is key to what MARMOZETS have done on their second album ‘KNOWING WHAT YOU KNOW NOW'. "We created it for ourselves. It's not that we don't care about our fans - we absolutely love them - but the reason they like what we do is because of the way we are. If we purposely tried to aim for a market, it would be shite."