In-Store Performances: Free & All Ages!

Doyle Bramhall II live at Waterloo Sun. 10/28 at 5pm 
Album: Shades

Refreshments provided by Shiner Beer! Shades is a spellbinding blend of grungy blues, raucous garage rock, transcendent psychedelia, and soothing, soul-stirring ballads that sees Bramhall reaching new heights as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and vocalist while responding to his heart’s most urgent commands as a lyricist and arranger. “The new record finally feels like I’m comfortable in my own skin, like I don’t have anything to prove other than trying to express myself as honestly as I can,” says Bramhall. “As an artist, writer and producer, I’m in a good place, and I think I can allow this flow of music to come out and form a real body of work that my fans can appreciate. I’m thrilled to have them go on this journey with me.” Performing alongside Bramhall on Shades is an ace group of musicians he’s worked with over the years – bassist Chris Bruce, multi-instrumentalist and string arranger Adam Minkoff, and drummers Carla Azar and Abe Rounds – and there are also notable appearances by friends and luminaries: Eric Clapton, Norah Jones, the Tedeshi Trucks band, and Austin buds the Greyhounds. “Without appearing immodest, I can admit that I’ve led a pretty charmed life,” Bramhall says. “I’m thrilled and honored to have all of these incredible people guest on my record.” Catch him Tuesday 10/30 at Antone's.



Western Youth live at Waterloo Mon. 10/29 at 5pm 
Album: Western Youth

Refreshments provided by Lagunitas! Austin roots-rockers Western Youth returns with their first recording in five years that’s seen the addition of new band members and profound life changes. These transitions provide the backdrop for a new collection of songs that stagger artfully between Americana, folk and honest American rock and roll. Smart, moody lyrics and sublime three/four-part harmonies meld with searing guitar riffs and intricate arrangements showcasing a defiant yet evolving band on the rise. Recorded in Austin, the new album was produced by Western Youth, mixed by Britton Beizenherz and mastered by Steve Berson (The Foo Fighters, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings) and features eleven original tracks. Western Youth, which was named after the poem “Pioneers! O Pioneers!” by Walt Whitman features Graham Weber (guitar, vocals); Brian Bowe (drums); Taylor Williams (guitar, vocals); Matthew Gregg (guitar, vocals); Sean Spiller (bass) and Sam Powell (keys). Catch them Tuesday 11/1 at The Continental Club Gallery.


Steve Forbert Q&A and Signing at Waterloo Thurs 11/1 at 5pm 
Album: The Magic Tree

The Magic Tree serves as sound track to Steve's new memoir, Big City Cat a chronicle of his forty years making music. The album rings with the verve and vitality that Forbert’s fans have always come to expect. It takes on special meaning in light of the recent health scare that sidelined him for several months while he recovered from kidney surgery and chemotherapy. Consistently upbeat and optimistic, the album’s songs convey a firm sense that age ought not diminish a lust for living. The Magic Tree underscores what revered critic the late Paul Nelson wrote about Forbert in Rolling Stone almost 40 years ago: “... Nothing, nothing in this world, is going to stop Steve Forbert, and on that I’ll bet anything you’d care to wager.” Catch him Saturday 11/3 at Cactus Cafe.



 The Black Lillies live at Waterloo Thurs. 11/1 at 6:30pm 
Album: Stranger To Me

Refreshments provided by Lagunitas! The Black Lillies are back! Known for their captivating blend of rock & roll and country, they have become one of Americana music’s biggest success stories:  an internationally-renowned band of roots-rockers, armed with songs that blur the boundaries between genres. They are a mainstay on radio and album sales charts, with a sound that is as powerful in the quieter moments as it is explosive during the jubilant ones. The band’s pared down configuration has resulted in a bigger, deeper sound built on undeniable chemistry, lush  three-part harmonies, and instrumental virtuosity with a funky edge. Catch them Thursday 11/1 at Stubb's BBQ.